How to receive updates?

To receive updates from us, you just need to subscribe the news letter by entering your email id and confirming the link which appears in your mail box.

You will be notify through email as soon as there is some thing to know from us.

How to Contact ?

Please Visit this link: Link

Is there any Paid Membership ?

Yes, we do have but that if for a day only.

We normally write on blog which is absolute free for every one can subscribe, but few content is sold for that particular day or particular report.

currently, We are not offering any membership plans .

Our Paid Plans could be like.

1. Share to social media and get the report. (No Payments at all)
2. [Pay Rs.10/- + “Your Wish”] Minimum Rs.10/- or you can add more as per your wish and get the report.
3. Pay Rs. 99/-, 499/-, 1999/-, 4999/- for different reports & Plans.

** Price of the product may even vary, point No. 3 is for illustration.
As soon as you make the payments the product is delivered in your email box.

What are the payment Methods?

We do accept all kind of payments.

1. Bank Transfer
2. All kind of Credit & Debit Cards
3. Rest all kind of modes which are available

We are doing best to update and making payment methods more simpler & easier.

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